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JNR Consulting Services is a smart home systems and automation company dedicated to providing high-end home automation installation and security solutions to convert your house into an innovative smart home. Whether you need a smart home automation system, state-of-the-art security solutions for your workplace, a reliable WiFi network service, or a smart home theater system, our comprehensive automation and security solutions have you covered for all. Get started with us to begin a life of innovation in your smart home.


Simplify your world with sophisticated lighting, audio and video control.

JNR Consulting Services is the #1 Home Automation, Home Theater Design & Installation firm in South Florida

JNR Consulting Services offers full home automation system installation. Whether you want to automate your lighting control, automate your shade and blind control or your climate controls, install an audio system that plays your favorite music throughout your home or build a first-class home theater system, our first step is to meet with you at your home.  Where you locate your system and how you install it is as important as the system itself. We’ll design a system that makes the best use of your home environment. We may also make recommendations for changes that can enhance your enjoyment of your home automation systems. The other reason we visit your home is that we want to get to know you. The better we know you, the better we can serve you.


JNR Consulting Services custom home theater installation and home automation system installation services all of Palm Beach and Broward County.  We don’t sell the stuff you’ll find in boxes at your local shopping mall. We design custom home theater and home automation systems using some of the world’s best home electronics components. (3).png


See what JNR Consulting Services can do for you?

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