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Harness the power of natural light

Automated shades don't just allow for effortless control of natural light in a space.  They also help create the perfect comfort zone, providing the right atmosphere and level of privacy. (7).png


AUDIO/VIDEO (20).png






Create your 'Movie Time' comfort zone


Simply close smart shades with voice, app, or smart remote.

Effortless Privacy


Schedule automated shades to close on or around the setting of the sun.  Each day they'll close in near perfect unison at just the right time.

Automated shades know the sun sets at a different time every day, so they automatically adjust their schedule.

Look like you are home even when away

With automated shades and smart dimmers, you can create the illusion that you are home, even when you're not.


Set automated shades to instantly close at sunset and then activate Smart Away in the Lutron app so lights turn on and off at different times during the evening.

Create your 'Video Call' comfort zone

Automated shades move in near perfect unison to control the natural light in your home office or study hall so you can get the right light for the work you are doing.

Instant Privacy

For those moments when you need privacy, use your app, voice, or your smart remote to close your shades.

Maximize useful daylight, minimize fading

Help protect your belongings from fading due to direct sunlight by scheduling your automated shades to automatically close in unison during the brightest part of the day.

Shade Types and Blind Styles

Lutron automated shades come in many types and styles.  

Shade Mounting

Choosing a shade mounting location is critical to the light allowed on

the sides of each shade, aesthetic look, measurement, and installation. 

Types of Fascia

Triathlon roller shades are available in several different top treatment options.

Fabric Wrapped Fascia


Lutron's fabric wrapped fascia offers a gently curved profile that complements any interior design style. The fascia is covered with the same material used on the shade itself for an elegant aesthetic.


Polymer end caps in a coordinating color provide a finished look from any angle.


Architectural Fascia


Lutron's architectural fascia is made of extruded aluminum and coordinates perfectly in any modern home. 


This metal fascia is available in 4 colors - white, black, bronze, or silver - and can also be customized to match your trim or walls.v

No Fascia

Triathlon roller shades can also be ordered without a fascia. This option is ideal when the client is using a custom valance or top treatment.

The appearance of the battery tray will vary based on whether you are ordering a standard Triathlon roller or a Triathlon WIDR:

  • Convex Battery Tray (top) - Triathlon (up to 9' wide)

  • Concave Battery Tray (bottom) - Triathlon WIDR (up to 12' wide)


Choosing a Fabric


Fabrics are the most visible piece of the shade.  Fabrics add an elegant touch to a space that provide key customer benefits in terms of privacy, views, and other aesthetic choices.  Hundreds of fabric options are available for Lutron automated roller shades.  Let's look at a few things to consider when choosing a fabric.


Openness Factor (Opacity)

Openness factor is the percentage of direct light that is visible through the fabric.  This is typically decreased by tightening the weave of the fabric.  Each fabric type has unique openness factor properties.

Sheer (1% - 10%)

  • Provides view

  • Visibility out during the day is comparable to visibility at night

  • Maroon colored cards in your fabric binder


Translucent (<1%)

  • No view

  • Lighter fabrics will "glow" like a light source

  • Green colored cards in your fabric binder

Blackout (0%)

  • No view through fabric

  • No light through fabric

  • Application is "room darkening" because light will shine around fabric panel

  • Blue colored cards in your fabric binder

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