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How to Perfectly Hang Pictures

As a homeowner, you've likely noticed pictures hanging on someone else’s wall, which weren't exactly level. Even something as seemingly minor as this can throw your decorating efforts off kilter! For decades, there's been an unwritten rule that wall groupings contain odd numbers, so you're off to a good start as far as that goes. If you're wondering how to hang three pictures in a row, Jarrett Of All Trades has some tips that will make the job easier.

How to hang pictures

It really doesn't matter whether you have three pictures, five, or even more. What you want is for your pictures to be level so that one or two isn't out of line, throwing everything out of balance.

  • First, spend the most time focusing on the first picture you hang on the wall. This will determine everything else, so take your time to find the perfect spot.

  • Pictures should be hung at eye level so they're not too high or too low. A height of about 5' 6" is ideal in most cases, though certainly adjust for your height! You'll want to hang the center picture first so that the two on each side can be perfectly balanced.

  • Make sure the frames on each picture hang the same height from the wire you'll be hanging them with; otherwise, you'll have to adjust the anchor point for each frame.

  • To ensure you have the right height, measure from the floor to the bottom of the first picture frame. This way you'll have a reference point whether you want to hang the remaining two pictures at the same height, or higher/lower than the middle picture.

  • Once you've determined the proper height for the first picture, mark it lightly on the wall using a pencil which can be erased when you're done. Blue painters tape also comes in handy for this as it can be pulled from the wall without leaving a mark.

  • When you've hung the first picture and it's where you want it, measure from the floor to place remaining pictures at each side, then mark with a pencil or blue painters tape. You'll also want to measure the vertical space between pictures so they're evenly spaced. The amount of space you leave between the pictures depends on furnishings beneath them and how you want to balance the wall.

Keep in mind you don't want picture frames interfering with lamp shades, the back of the couch, and other items. Consider everything that will be placed below the pictures when deciding the best height for hanging.

It's also wise to use a level to make sure your pictures are hanging perfectly straight and not crooked. There are also anchor points you can use at the bottom of frames to make sure they remain where you want them, even when dusting!

Using these tips to hang three pictures in a row, you'll enjoy perfectly spaced, level pictures that won't get visitors' attention for all the wrong reasons! For your home repair, maintenance and improvement projects, count on Jarrett Of All Trades for reliable solutions. Contact Jarrett Of All Trades today to request the services you need!

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